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Clarifying Acne Facial (50min) – R650

Oily, acne prone or blemished skin

Clarifies acne prone, blemished skin and minimizes the appearance of oiliness and enlarged pores. The steps are designed to clarify or dissolve impurities, refine pores, even skin tone, diminish fine lines, exfoliate and smooth texture and control oiliness.

Radiance Revitalising Facial (50min) – R650

Normal/combination skin types

Brings new life to dull, stressed skin, restores youthful radiance, suppleness and complexion. The steps are followed to polish skin texture, revitalize and strengthen, stimulate cell turnover, improve clarity and radiance, diminish signs of aging and increase elasticity and suppleness.

Age Reverse Antiaging Facial (50min) – R750

Aging Skin

Addresses all signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, poor texture, uneven pigment and loss of firmness for truly younger looking skin. This facial is designed to diminish line and crow’s feet, lift and firm, brighten dark spots, enhance cell turnover, smoothen texture, provide antioxidant protection and hydrate and strengthen the skin.

Ultra Hydrating Facial (50min) – R750

Dry, Sensitive or normal skin

Restores deep reservoirs of moisture to dry lackluster skin, improves strength and youthful plumpness. This facial is designed to intensely hydrate, strengthen and improve resiliency, plump lines and wrinkles, smooth texture, restore radiance and provides antioxidant protection.

Deep Cleanse with Microdermabrasion – R550-R650

Using a specialized crystal tip, dead skin cells are removed from the surface of the skin. This technique uses the crystal tip to lift any dead skin cells which will then be removed with vacuum suction.

Mesoglow facial (60 min) R890 – R1500

Mesoglow for skin rejuvenation involves intradermal multiple superficial skin injections of the anti–ageing drug cocktails. There are different injectable mesotherapy cocktails available, a specific cocktail will be chosen for the specific skin condition and area of treatment. Most of Mesoglow’s cocktails include the following key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins, Amino acids, Minerals (Zinc, Selenium, Silicium, MgSO4), Co–enzymes, Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), Growth factors. Mesoglow is usually done in combination with microdermabrasion, superficial peel and photodynamic therapy.

*Includes free Microdermabrasio

Photo-Facial (60 min) – R1800

The Photo-Facial offers the specialist the possibility of treating skin conditions in three areas of the face and neck independently, thanks to its highly flexible material and adaptable to the curves of the face and neck. FOTOAGE photodynamic therapy is a non-invasive technique, based on the stimulation of those natural processes that the skin itself has to regenerate and repair itself. Photo-Facial treatments are a good choice for people who want to boost collagen, treat mild to moderate acne, reduce redness and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. Unlike IPL or laser treatments, LED treatments carry no risk of burning.

Microneedling facial (90-120 min) – R1500

This Treatment is fast, effective and comfortable treatment. Session starts with cleaning the face, with free Microdermabration, topical anaesthetic cream is then applied and then skin needling with a specific treatment serum. Microneedling is known as collagen induction therapy. It tightens skin and gives a fresh, refined look. We complete our session with LED therapy.

PRP needling facial (90 min) – R3200

This facial is very similar to the Microneedling Facial. The face is prepared with free microdermabrasion, followed by applying a topical anesthetic cream and the skin needling is completed; however instead of a serum your own Platelet Rich Plasma is used. Blood is drawn from the patient and then centrifuged while the anesthetic cream is on.

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