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A technique, that is also known as Embroidery Permanent Makeup, that has become a fashionable way to achieve perfect semi-permanent eyebrows. By using a number of needles that have been configured into a blade, the technician deposits ink into the skin in the form of hairline strokes using a chosen colour ink according to the client’s preferences.

At Aesthetic Essentials, we use a second technique called Embroidery whereby a handmade, flexible blade of needles, as described above, is used to push ink into the skin. This method gives the eyebrows the “powdered’ appearance and gives them a more natural appearance.

The combination of microblading and embroidery gives the eyebrow the perfect full effect with the combination of the ‘powdered’ effect as well as the ‘hair strokes’. This leaves clients with the confidence that the perfect brow gives them; the perfect brow frames the face.


Microblading lasts between 18-24 months.
The technician will numb the area with a topical anesthetic before the treatment.
You will need to come back for a touch about approximately 4 weeks after your first session to improve the colour, if necessary.

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